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Berwick Location Key
1Baptist and Independent
3Old Roman Catholic
4Church of England
6New Roman Catholic
7Old Lawn Section
8New Lawn Section
9Memorial Rocks
10Wall Niches
AFrancis Tuck Rotunda
Memorial Rose Garden
BAllan Funston Rotunda
Memorial Rose Garden
CNew Memorial Rose Garden
PPresbyterian Rose Garden
Surname Given Names Reference Interred Location
KOENIG David 30/11/-0001 Harkaway - Monumental: 581
KOENIG Henrietta 30/11/-0001 Harkaway - Monumental: 579
KOENIG Johann 30/11/-0001 Harkaway - Monumental: 582
KOENIG Paul 30/11/-0001 Harkaway - Monumental: 580

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