Cemetery Rules

The prior written approval of the Berwick and Harkaway Cemeteries Trust is required to undertake any activity in the Cemetery Grounds, including the paddock to the East (Harkaway) and West (Berwick) of the Cemetery.   The Berwick and Harkaway Cemeteries Trust may approve the carrying out of an activity in the Cemetery grounds if the Trust is satisfied that the activity is not inconsistent with the care, protection or management of the Cemetery.  Approvals must be in writing and may be subject to the terms and conditions which the Cemetery Trust considers reasonable to impose in the circumstances.

The Cemetery Trust and approved contractors may remove any object or plant that extends beyond the boundary of a memorial and that has not been authorised in writing.  This includes any dead flowers, food or drink items and any other item in poor condition, or any item likely to cause risk to health or safety.

Unless a person has the prior written approval of the Berwick and Harkaway Cemeteries Trust - a person must not: -

  1. Attach, erect or place memorabilia, figurines, statues, crosses, garden edging, plant holders (wood, plastic, metal, wire, stone or cement) and the like to, or extending from the Lawn Section cement beam, Memorial Rocks, Memorial Rose Garden sites, Monuments or surrounding grounds.
    • Attach or place ceramic, glass, metal or any item likely to cause a risk to health or safety on a memorial or place of interment.
    • Dig or plant anything in the Cemetery Grounds. *Penalty:  10 Penalty Units
    • Construct or erect any building, structure, enclosure or fence in the Cemetery
    • Light a fire in the Cemetery. *Penalty:  10 Penalty Units
    • Exception - use of candles, lanterns, incense, joss sticks or other similar items in association with ceremonies for the interment or commemoration of the dead is allowed, however a person must not leave those items alight when those items are unattended. 
    • *Penalty:  10 Penalty Units.  (Prohibited on days of total fire ban)
    • Drive, ride or otherwise use a vehicle on any surface other than a road, track or parking area. In particular driving or parking on grassed areas is prohibited unless at the direction of Cemetery Trust or approved contractors during attendance at a funeral.  Directional signs must be observed.  Cemetery Trust Members or approved contractors on Cemetery business exempt.
  2. Floral tributes in the Lawn Section are restricted to the hole in the cement beam. Cemetery Trust and approved contractors can assist with the planting of a standard rose or other suitable approved plant in the hole provided.  Fresh flowers only (no artificial flowers) are to be placed in the plastic vases provided and these must be placed next to the cement beam, monument, memorial rock or Rotunda Memorial Rose Garden plaque. (Maximum 2 holders per grave).
  3. Items (including any approved plantings) must not extend beyond the boundaries of the memorial or place of interment. In the case of the Lawn Sections this stops at the cement beam where the Plaque is situated and for the Monumental Sections, Memorial Rocks, Memorial Rose Garden sites; the approved monument, headstone, rock or granite and plaque.
  4. Dogs must be on a leash at all times when on Cemetery Grounds and the owner must dispose of any excrement produced by that dog. *Penalty:  10 Penalty Units
  5. Rubbish bins must not be used to dump household or commercial waste.

The above rules are highlighted as a guide but not exhaustive. 


Contact us:        To discuss Berwick and Harkaway Cemetery Operations or report vandalism please call the Berwick and Harkaway Cemeteries Trust:

Manager: Belinda Smart

Mobile:   0477 111 304 or 

Email:   enquiries@bhct.net.au