Berwick Cemetery's Western Extension

Published 20th June, 2021 in Our latest news

Berwick Cemetery has been servicing the local area since 1867 with the earliest graves including that of George Moore, a 60 year old labourer who died in 1867 and children from the pioneer Brisbane, Buchanan and Wilson families who died in 1868.  Since then there have been more than 5000 recorded interments at Berwick Cemetery.

Berwick and Harkaway Cemeteries Trust is now pleased to advise the extension of Berwick Cemetery, with 2 acres on the western side of the cemetery to commence development in early 2020.  The extension is a major milestone, providing over 1000 new graves and cremation memorials to serve the strong community demand.

The western side of the cemetery has beautiful sweeping views of the valley down to the bay.  Upon completion of the development, the extension of Berwick Cemetery will continue to provide a serene and soothing environment for contemplation, celebration and remembrance of a life once lived.  A place where peace and privacy are cherished and will always be respected.

Planning of the site commenced back in 2013.  Since then the Trust along with the engagement of project managers have overseen the development of plans, grant applications, applications and permits to local council, discussion around trees and native vegetation and the applications of tenders.   

The development of the new site will provide more than 500 new lawn graves which will start at the top of the hill (the first interment taking place prior to the commencement of the works).  The cement beams will continue to provide a space for a standard rose to be planted at each grave.  Bronze plaques will continue to be the only form of memorialisation for all lawn graves.  All new rose garden and rock memorials will be created along with the introduction of wall niche spaces for the memorialisation of cremated remains.  All cremation memorials will continue to be sold in perpetuity (for all time).  

Members of the public are welcome to reserve a lawn grave at Berwick Cemetery.  The grave itself cannot be selected as the grave will be allocated at the time of need.  For those interested in a cremation memorial you are welcome to register your interest with the Manager/Secretary of Berwick and Harkaway Cemeteries Trust on 0477 111 304 or